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Version 1.0.1 - 9th April 2015:

Project Description:
This project is about a customization of SharePoint Forms (New/Edit/Display). In the past I had bit of a problem when my custom lists or document libraries had many columns. Standard SharePoint functionality creates every column in a new row. So when you have 50 columns, you have in your forms 50 rows and the page is very very very long.
Yes you can use for example InfoPath or SharePoint Designer but this is hard code editing and when you add new column to your list  you must change again everything in InfoPath or SharePoint Designer. And because I like to customize SharePoint with some special features (you can check my other projects) from now on you will never need to open SharePoint Designer/InfoPath. 

This project is about dynamically adding tabs to all SharePoint Forms(New/Edit/Display). You don't need to change anything by copying some JavaScript code and adding it to webparts. Everything is easy to setup and easy to use.

- easy to setup
- create up to 9 Tabs
- add special names to all tabs or leave it empty
- drag and drop columns to tabs
- order columns by drag and drop
- automatically activate tab on which was validation error
- works with almost all types of lists (Custom List, Document Library, Calendar(this was hard:), Task ...)
- works also in modal dialogs
- works also if list has more content types
- supports all major browsers: IE, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari
- works with all SharePoint 2013 versions (Not SharePoint Online)

So if you have many columns or you need to organize columns in some logical parts this project is for you:)

SharePoint Tabs Configuration:
After successful Installation you will see new ribbon button in Views of your lists or new link in settings page of list:

Just click on it and you will be redirected to settings page of SharePoint Tabs for Forms:


There you can check if you want to use tabs on forms and can simply choose how many tabs you want to use and drag and drop columns to tabs. If you want to change tab name just double click on tab name and you will be able to write new name. If you don't want use any name of tab just delete text and it will be replaced in configuration by "_empty" word which will be hidden in forms.
Press Save and that's it. You don't need to do anything more. Your Tabs will be working.

SharePoint Tabs in Forms:

As you can see you can have also static columns and tabs columns on one page. Tabs are working on all forms (New/Edit/Display)

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Work In Progress:
This project was only the begging of forms customization. I am working on full customization and validation for Forms(New/Edit/Display). Maybe you know that there are some very expensive solutions like Nintex Forms. I will prepare something like this for you:)

Download the wsp file.
2. Everything needed is included in wsp file so you just only need to Install it.
Management Shell:
   - Add-SPSolution c:\Enti.SharePointFormsTabs.wsp
3. After Successful Installation Deploy it from Central Administration to your Site Collection or from
Management Shell:
   - Install-SPSolution –Identity Enti.SharePointFormsTabs.wsp –WebApplication http://intranet –GACDeployment
4. Activate it on your Site Collection in Manage site features

and in Site collection features

5. Done

What Need to be Done in future:
- Some new configuration features
- SharePoint Online version of this project

I am sorry but this feature doesn't work with Document Set(Maybe in future)

If you will find any bugs or if you have problem with installation please let me know at or post your findings in Issue Tracker.

Thanks goes to:
Lenka - SharePoint Guru
Matthew - SharePoint Guru

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